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Who Are These Crazies

2008-01-27 20:04:00

Who Are These Crazies
I read what I feel to be an accurate post about the people on


I admit I know almost nothing about these two sites; I have never been on the Facebook site. I was on Digg, but just do not get it, seem full of people I do not want to know.

Funny, I think he is American and talks as if he was European.

Bangkok Thailand - Southeast Asia
Khao San Road Area
Monday, January 28, 2008
Andy of ---

Who are all these crazy people who get on these links, I put the Digg link on the bottom, just thinking it was harmless fun. I am slowly removing all these bookmarks, links, and other junk sites. Now, I have to get Digg removed, I really should trust my instincts, if I think it is junk, remember to tell myself, yes Digg is junk, do not think the majority has a brain.

I wish to enjoy my life, and my life is good. I do not want to suffer fools who get on these likes of Facebook, Digg or the numerous never-ending new fashion, look at me, I am a loser sites.

I put up a serious video about an expat life on, and again it was rejected for being too long. I think what they are saying, we only allow something so stupid a person who watches the reality shows would watch it. I guess now, I just use to put up videos when easy and when truly a good video, I put up a trailer and send to my site.

I still am cringing remember about my experience with Survivor Thailand. I bit it hook, line, and sinker. I thought this was a show about real Survival, and went to Pak Bara, Thailand or Koh Tarotao. Then slowly I realized this is just too stupid to believe TV, nothing real about it.

Who Are These Crazies