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Where is Africa

2008-01-18 01:51:00

Where is Africa
When I am in Africa, I feel a need to leave, however anyway I do it,
- I miss Africa. -

I only left West Africa a couple of months ago.
Bangkok Thailand - Southeast Asia
Khao San Road
Friday, January 18, 2008
Andy of ---

My friend said on the Island of Hawaii she had,
- Island Fever -
Something like being trapped in a small room. I have never heard of Island Fever. I do worry about deserted Island. Being alone on a deserted island or beach is not paradise; you really can end up talking to Soccer balls like Tom Hanks in the movie Cast Away.

I think I got
- Tourist Bubble Fever. -

I am surrounded by Tourist, I put my hand up against the soapy, spongy side of the bubble, and I just cannot pop this bubble. Sometime there is a need to escape, and presently the only uncharted islands I know are in Africa.

I think I am tired of listening to fantasy reports. I have been listening lately to people describe the condition of the world. It is strange, I stopped watching the TV news reports, and now I am hearing them repeated to me by tourist or travelers.

I feel like some big Queen Bee sent these Drones out into the world to tell us what the Queen Watch on TV and what her opinions are, it becomes almost impossible to hear a new observation. Never ending rerun conversations...

A personal observation has less value sometimes than what a Television reporter lied about. I can be sitting here looking at something and a person come along and tells me what they saw on Television. I think,
- Stop it, we are looking at it, this is real, Television is a story told to sell Soap. -

I feel outside the tourist bubble in Africa and more like home, ok I have a game plan in about two months I will step back into Africa.

Where is Africa