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2008-01-12 20:41:00

Watch My Home Movies
There is some cliché jokes about being asked over to a friends house and they turn on the movies of their families trip to Disneyland. I think all of you have been sit down and asked to look at all the photo albums of one of your friends. We all sit, look and try to be polite, yes the photo of you great uncle is nice.

I get a lot of nasty emails because I do not put many emails of tourist attractions on my blog.
Why not?
Bangkok Thailand - Southeast Asia
Khao San Road
Sunday, January 13, 2008
Andy of ---

I wish to thank every blogger on the planet for putting up the 10 thousand photo of the Kings Palace here in Bangkok, whereby my regular readers can go and look at your site one time. Then when they get bored, they can come back to my blog and I can make money.

Because you do this, you remove yourself from being any competition for readers, if such a thing really existed, and it does not.

I try to avoid putting up photos of very common tourist attractions because as they say, it is cliché. Which saying it is cliché, is cliché, so no way to win.

I think if a blogger wants to be special just tell me how much you pay for things, as for some reason everyone thinks this is not important, and to me, it is the first thing of importance. I am not going to travel half way across the planet unless I know how much it cost.

I get nasty emails because they get on my site to buy tours, and find out they are on the wrong site, get angry when I do not sell tours as the other 99.99 percent of sites do.

Watch My Home Movies