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Use Calendar to buy Airplane Tickets

2008-01-09 20:35:00

Use Calendar to buy Airplane Tickets
I find there is two features of buying tickets online that is almost always better than a travel agent.

- The Pop Up Calendar
- Next day and previous day option

Bangkok Thailand - Southeast Asia
Khao San Road
Thursday, January 10, 2008
Andy of ---

The travel agents of the planet love a person that says, I am leaving on this date, sell me a ticket. I see buying a ticket as work, every hour I put into the job, I save normally about 100-500 US dollars per hour, and for sure I never just trust any travel agent, I check their work.

The better online Airplane booking sites include two features that make it easier. The pop up calendar that allow me to choose what I think may be the cheaper day of the week. The next and previous buttons, I will click up about 10 days and down about 10 days and see what is the lowest price offered.

Sadly, the price of taxes is now more than tickets, so there is this real next hazard, I must get all the way to the end before I know the true price. Nonetheless, shopping dates is easy online, which is just a great way to annoy the travel agent. I laugh when a travel agent gets annoyed for me shopping price, days, times, etc, because doing this online is easy, and if they make it difficult, well, the fact is this, I will buy online.

I do not enter the date; I click on the calendar pop up and choose Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.

After I see the price, I then click on the Previous 10 times, down, the I go up Next about 10 days. After I am through, I have a good feel for prices. This is the last thing a travel agent wants, is you to know what is the going price for tickets.

I can still walk into the travel agent and buy the ticket from the same company, minus his or her ability to feed me the bull.

Sadly, I tried to buy a ticket, and the credit card was refused, said to use a different one. I did this and still refused, well, it is not a perfect world, I will wait a few hours, I suspect the Philippines are not open for business as of yet, or who know, maybe the bank is in some mid-cycle crisis. Nonetheless, they say there is a problem, I find often it is on their side, not my side. Nevertheless, I am not going to complain about to much security on credit cards, and seems silly to complain about too much security in an airport.

Use Calendar to buy Airplane Tickets