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The Cost of Fame

2008-01-16 16:08:00

The Cost of Fame
That’s my story and I’m sticking too it.
“I blog for money”

People ask, why do you blog, why do you have a web site? I have said for years,
- To make enough money to travel. -

Bangkok Thailand - Southeast Asia
Khao San Road
Wednesday, January 16, 2008
Andy of HoboTraveler.com ---

I do not do it to make my Family and Friends happy, that to me seems somewhat self-centered, here look at me, I am here, I am there, you are home working.

I do it for normal reasons in a way, it is a job.

When I see anyone trying to promote his or her photo, or market himself or herself as special it concerns me. I feel bad that I need to put these logo thingies on this site.


I tried to minimize it, and make the reader know, I am there, they did not give me a no holds barred recommendation, and they just reference me.

The bottom line, I want advertisers to give me money, if they see these logos; it makes them feel safe to be associated with HoboTraveler.com.

Fame or being well known brings the ugly out in people; I am not talking only about people who become famous. I am also talking about admirers, but envious detractors, people want to take them down.

Fame is funny, like being loved by the gay reception person in the hotel. Who really gives a shit that this gay person likes me. He is not doing anything bad, he likes me, however it annoying to walk down the stairs and listen to some boy talk like a girl. This is fame, talking but not real, and creepy.

What is very sad, it this blogging or web logging has evolved from what I thought was a real, online travelogue thing to a constant, insidious attempt by bloggers to write articles that will make them famous. I write many very annoying posts to my mother and readers, and now which very few people really do not know. I have started funneling off many of my day-to-day diary thoughts to the Help Center on HoboTraveler.com. I just do not need someone reading all my thoughts on Thailand in a mass media way. So when I think it might get hate mail, I send on to help center, when just feeling and thoughts that for sure nobody can figure out why I was thinking them, I need to channel them onto the help center.

I also do not think anyone really want more than three of these posts in their box per day. Hard to modulate or throttle myself, the truth is, I like to write, it is soul smoothing, like taking the tablecloth over my soul and spreading it out and rubbing the wrinkles out the cloth with warm massaging strokes and a sense of accomplishment.

The cost of fame, or the bargain that fame offers is strange, I had an offer from a TV Channel to so something about five times in the last year, if I was on TV, I would make about 20,000 US Dollars in one big swoop, if not ten times more. It would super promote my web site.

The problem is this, and I have never said yes to any of them because they believe I would lie for them. I would get on and agree with all their muckety muck. Therefore, because I know I do not want to just go along with the gang, I lose 20,000 to 100,000 dollars. I am not going to Smile and agree to their lies.

The point is this, I earn money to do what I love to do, I love to travel, and I have about 10 times the money I need now to travel. I also have about 10 times I use for travel. I use the money for playing on the internet, making a big personal, what-I-want (A true Traveler) hotel site. It is the hotel site I want to get on, or at least after it is fully of hotels.


Envy is FAME, I learned this in my Real Estate business, and I remember telling my friend Mike,
- Mike, if I make any more money and get any more well known I will have zero friends. -

I had saturated the city, about 50 percent name recognition. I was up to President Bush status for my city. And President Bush is a good example, the longer he is well known the less the world likes him. This is what fame is, it is an ugly stone being thrown daily.

I love good or add to the conversation post, however post are not just well wishing, they try to somehow prove me stupid, what for, why, I am just pointing out something and a person mocks me or tries to be clever and put comments with hidden meanings.

I am here in Thailand, I have had about 15 people write and want to talk to me, not people that comment on the blog, people that am clueless to know who they are or what they want.

I am slowly making policy and sad policy, I am not going to meet people anymore, it is just a waste of time. Their motivations are normally to try to pull some follow me link juice to them from me. They somehow want to prove to themselves they are equal to me or some other little dick ideas. Fame is Envy, not love.

IF I put my photo on the page, this list of people would not be 15, it would be 50, and I would be running for Laos as I type…

When I was in Africa, the Ten Commandments of the Christian Bible took on another meaning. The West African people are more base level honest or primitive. They mock, are jealous, are full of all them seven deadly sins not listed in the bible, but well known.

Wiki list these:


These all to me embody the person who wants to be famous.

I enjoy a just reading of my work, I sometimes want to remove the photos to make the reader just think, get no visual endorphin rushes, just cerebral propositions to think about.

Just is a big pile of readers who does not pay for your book, read free and just likes what you write. No Public Relation Releases, just good solid writing that tells a story people want to pass along.

Writing can make people feel good, and this is a good thing.

I had one of them pivotal thoughts the other day, I was thinking about reading books. I like to read books, and I like people who read books, we can have these conversations about books. I am looking forward to meeting Wade of

Not so much as a traveler, but as another reader, his quotes are inspiring in his blog to me. Just yesterday, he quoted

“An uncomfortable bed free is better than a comfortable bed unfree.”
By Jack Kerouac (Tells the true story of travel, not so inspiring.)

Ok, Jack is nice, however I know learn about Wade by who he quotes or the books he talks about.

This is the blog fame problem for me, there is not always an exchange, people read my online blog, but give me know way of knowing who they are. When a person makes comment regularly I get to know who they are by the way they make comments.

I blog for money, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Maybe, I try to get a wrench out and adjust your morals a tweak when I hope you are not looking.

The Cost of Fame

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