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Thailand Twice as Modern at One Third the Price

2008-01-27 19:32:00

Thailand Twice as Modern at One Third the Price
I took a taxi from the Ermita area of Manila, Philippines to the Airport, flew to Bangkok, Thailand and then took a taxi to Khao San Road.

Bangkok Thailand - Southeast Asia
Khao San Road Area
Monday, January 28, 2008
Andy of ---

I always leave the Philippines bewildered, as if I step in a cow patty and need to go clean my shoes. India is like jumping face first into the slurry near the silage area that feeds the cows before being milked.

Whatever... I need a shower.

Craig from was complaining about the security of the Philippines Airport, therefore this time I noticed, there is a plenty. I appreciate security and thought this comment was a little off. (It is amazing how I can ignore bad things.)

I think if he got in touch with his true complaint, he would maybe realized, or I suggest his real problem was not security. It was just how stupid the Philippines people and government can be when you have to wait in lines. They take the airport check into to a paramount example of stupid check in and security. If they could do it stupid, they do it stupid, and Philippines airlines need purchased by Cebu Pacific, both times the plane have been empty and Cebu is full.

Thailand new check-in is great, baggage retrieval is painless. Finding taxis is corrupt; I have needed to go up three flights every time to find an honest taxi at the departure area.

Flying along the Thailand expressway at about 100 Kilometer per hour, the air conditioning working great, in the wonderful Thailand taxis, I thought about the too stupid for words taxi drivers of Manila. The first one wanted 30 extra pesos, and I got out because I did not think he knew what the word Airport meant, the other took me to the wrong airport, even though I keep saying International Philippines airlines. I knew I was in trouble when he said,
- Naiea -

I do not know how to spell, but I saw the Airport sign that said Departures and the Tagalog word Naiae was their. I said,
- Yes, Naiea. -

The Philippines speak English, at a second grade level.

I love the Philippines, however I have learned, do not say you love it Andy, you are good at ignoring the cow patties you walk in, and I just look for the good. My friend get very angry when they go to place I love, and find all the crap I ignore, not seeing the good.

Nevertheless, trust me, I do see the cow patties, and I also see the playful people of the Philippines, and I am still looking for the adults.

Any way I do it, Thailand is extremely modern compared to the Philippines and at one-third the price.

The USA can suck also, the land of rules and people who think working 24 hours per day is normal. The live to work, not work to live, in the end, I like to make enough money to live anywhere I want, for a short time until they annoy me.

Time to go to Africa and get annoyed,

Thailand Twice as Modern at One Third the Price