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Teddy Bears in Thailand

2008-01-16 17:12:00

Teddy Bears in Thailand
I met a Teddy Bear inside the Buddhist Wat here in the Khao San Road area of Bangkok.

Bangkok Thailand - Southeast Asia
Khao San Road
Thursday, January 17, 2008
Andy of HoboTraveler.com ---

I am musing on another project and this Teddy Bear pops into view. I was on the way a month ago to the Philippines and was thinking to myself,
- How do I describe to Rodney the Backpack Maker the need for a Teddy Bear Saddle on the bag. -

This one is riding bare back, or bear back, with nothing but an Airplane Bar Code check in tag to keep it safe.

This was good fun, as I was taking the short cut through the Buddhist Wat between Khao San Road towards the big river I see this man. He is having his morning, 8:00 beer, no remorse, a good standup and drink it beer.

I see the bear, this is my lead in conversation, and funny, this is a big bear, much larger than a normal than stuffed animals travelers carry.

I did the two minute, in between swigs of beer interview. I tried my best to get this man in touch with the little boy who owns the bear.

The man and the boy are the same, same same, but different.
This man does not get to eloquent on why he has the bear, however he is proud of his bear.

Ok, there is this traveler fashion, a few traveler carry stuff animals, some carry pillows, others carry shoes. My one friend in Ecuador took photos of their shoes all over the planet. On top of a mountain, on top of a Pyramid, any place they went, they took a photo of their shoes with the tourist attraction.

I am making these never ending and boring movies. I think I need a star for these movies. I am making a Hobo Logo Doll, a stuffed Hobo that I can feature in these boring movies. I can make this Hobo stuff doll do many things…. Heheh

Hobo Doll goes to LA Café in Manila, meets up with another doll, nonetheless a movie needs a lead actor. It is not going to be me, so may as well get a doll with stuffing in its head.

Jokes aside, I am really going to try to put a saddle strap on the bags whereby a person can connect their Teddy Bears or any assorted Sesame Street Characters they wish. It is a great way to take photos.

The caption reads:
- Bruce Carroll of Melbourne Australia juggles fire on a bed of spikes Friday at the Fringe Festival on Broadway Avenue, which runs until Saturday Aug 11 -

I tried to find his webpage with no luck. He was telling me about his trip to the USA and other assorted things. I felt like I was in that song Alice’s Restaurant.

Teddy Bears in Thailand

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