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Starting a Book on Page 300

2008-01-05 17:40:00

Starting a Book on Page 300
A person does not start to read a book on page 300, however this is what a blog demands you do. A reader has a great request and high times somebody complained.

REQUEST: Andy HoboTraveler.com Travel Journal

Name: Bob L
Country: USA

Could you please add a link to next on your pages. I would really like to view your blog from oldest to newest. There is a link to previous, but not to next.

Personally, I would rather see any Blog page have the oldest requested post shown on the top. I have only seen this in a few Blog programs where I could select a date, say Dec 31, and it would show dec 31 on top, then jan 1, then jan 2 etc. But since almost no one is doing it I guess I am one of only a few that complaint.

Bangkok Thailand - Southeast Asia
Khao San Road
Sunday, January 6, 2008
Andy of HoboTraveler.com ---

Great request, absolutely correct, and one of the biggest annoyances of my life. If you think, I have written now as of today 3,444 posts. Moreover, I, Andy, ME, does not have anyway to read my own blog.

Eric offered to do a table of contents for me a year ago, and silly me stopped him because I thought I could just go use a macro and do it.

People recommend I change from blogger.com to Wordpress; they want me to change my - Blog Publishing System. -


Truth is both are Ass Backwards. The reason people use a blog publishing system is because they do not know how to make a web site and easy. (I started blogging to allow readers to read daily my trip to Iraq, then I planned to stop, I thought I would just post start to finish.)

I do not read blogs, I read books, I Andy of HoboTraveler.com hate to read blogs, and I for sure hate to read travel blogs, and refuse to use RSS readers, like never completing a sentence.

Why, because I am always starting the book at the end and trying to figure out what the person is up too………………………………..................

Being that I normally do not have an internet connection, how am I supposed to read a book backwards, figure out what they are doing, and then try to stay interested I lose interest immediately and go look at a one-page articles on Wiki. This is why a blog post needs to be one topic, and not more than one, and cannot assume anyone has read anything before or after. I try to write this way, however that is not the way the story goes…
Whatever the case, Bob L, you are the smart one. I will do the next and previous thing if I can get Boy Genius in India to help.

I unfortunately need an internet connection to do this work, this is my major problem, I am a traveler, and I do not normally have an internet connection. I am making a web site, however I do no get to check to see if it even is there…

I am now planning to tame this beast; I will try to find a good connection every three months to solve this problem.

I will stop, there is no end to how many comments, thoughts and opinions I have on this subject, I know clearly now the problem and trust me, I continually search for solutions. I suppose I search for cheap solutions, I know how to do it for about 10,000 dollars,

Starting a Book on Page 300

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