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Somebody Eat this Thai Dog

2008-01-17 20:25:00

Somebody Eat this Thai Dog
Thailand Dogs are mean, mangy, a truly problem dog on the planet, and nobody cares if they bite me, you, or your child.

I have great pride in the fact; I hit a mangy Thai dog with a rock at 25 meters in Ranong, Thailand where it was trying to ambush me. It was a great throw. Thailand dogs are mean, not watched, and roam around looking like this.
Bangkok Thailand - Southeast Asia
Khao San Road
Friday, January 18, 2008
Andy of ---

I was walking by this dog, or trying to avoid getting too close because sometimes Thailand dogs nip at you. The people sitting at the restaurant were also watching this dog.

A mangy Thailand mutt, Thailand people and Asian people will eat about anything; I really think Dogs should be on the menu for them. I would not touch one of them sausages they eat, them hotdog on stick things for less than 500 dollars.

Nevertheless, they pay for it, so here is a dog, grind it up and make into sausage please. Alternatively, eventually I will learn how to do bad things to dogs, this is not a game, and they are truly dangerous.

Dogs at night can be a real hazard; the ones in Thailand do not respond well to the bend over and pick up a rock trick. I think they are beat, mean, and uncaring, they are Thai dogs. That look the other way, deny it exist cruelty Asia is good at.

Somebody Eat this Thai Dog