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2008-01-26 22:43:00

The future is already's just not evenly distributed
- William Gibson


- The first decade of this Century will see the same amount of technological change as the entire previous Century had and the rate of Change is almost exponential now. All graphed Rate-Of-Change indexes have already merged in a straight-up curve defying prediction and an unimaginable future beyond 25 year estimates. Termed as the Singularity. -
Quote from Hot Springs Freak - Chris

Manila Philippines - Southeast Asia
Malate Mabini Ermita
Monday, January 21, 2008
Andy of ---

Please take a pause, read that sentence a few times and consider the implications of what is the future of man.

The noise makers of the planet will miss the boat. The world is not on the same timeline, the USA and a few countries in Europe are on the cutting edges of development then the mass of countries are 25-200 years behind.

The revolving door of the future is open to every person on the planet. There are people so busy making irrelevant noise, being irrelevant people, consuming, but not listening, they will delay for years entering this door. There is no way to understand the future, there is no need, there is too much, however allowing change to happen is required for admission to the future.