Photo of Thailand Short Handle Broom

Photo of Thailand Short Handle Broom
40 Baht and I go me a broom, about 1.25 U.S. Dollars

Bangkok Thailand - Southeast Asia
Khao San Road
Monday, January 7, 2008
Andy of ---

I borrowed the hotels broom, decided it was time to give it back, especially because they did not know I borrowed it. This woman was walking by, I think she though
- Ba Ba Bo Bo Farang - (Falang pronounced)

Crazy Foreigner, why does he need a broom?

I am fascinated with the stick on the shoulder thing, there is a special one made from Bamboo more sophisticated. I truly think this way of carrying or on the head is better than a backpack.

This is a broom, as I understand it is supposed to sit up this way to not blunt, and separate the very soft brush. It is only a few feet long, and a person has to bend over a little bit to use.

I wonder if five star hotels include brooms, dustpans, and other cleaning supplies, I think not. To me a broom is required for the perfect room, especially near a sandy beach.

I do not allow the staff of hotels to clean my room, like having a person off the streets walking around a years wages.

Quality of life improved for 1 dollar, because I am responsible for me, not making the world responsible for me.

Photo of Thailand Short Handle Broom

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