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Philippines Internet Friends

2008-01-22 19:31:00

Philippines Internet Friends
Many men from the USA become friends with Philippines girls over the internet.

Manila Philippines - Southeast Asia
Malate Mabini Ermita
Wednesday, January 23, 2008
Andy of HoboTraveler.com ---

I travel on both sides of the planet; I have been accidentally traveling between two large groups of people who know each other.

As best I can figure out, there are people who daily get on the internet at the same times. For example, a man in the USA may get on the internet at about 10:00 am in the morning at work in the USA, and a girl in the Philippines gets on the internet at 11:00 pm the same time.

It is 6:10 am here in the Philippines, I have just woke up and started work. When I am in Africa, I wake up about 6:10 am and start to work, when I am the USA I wake up at about 6:10 am and start to work. It does not really matter which country I visit, after my brain is adjusted for time zone jet lags, I am up early in the morning working on the computer. I do not have a connection; I do not need a connection to work. (But it is easier)

I enter into internet cafes daily, I see people chatting, and now talking, yesterday I saw a girl in a place called E-café expose both her bottom and her chest to the webcam camera in the internet café. She just pulled down here shirt and showed the camera.

As a kid, my parents told me,
- You are known by your friends. -

I was laughing at the girl, then slowly as the day went on, as the true implications of what I seen sunk into my brain. I started to put 2 and 2 together, fuzzy memories or observations in many countries. Some countries have private room, doors on the internet café, private computer areas.

I remember a Canadian man who lived in Bangkok told me a few years ago,
- Never trust a girl who chats. -

I have traveled for 11 years, these people in the internet have now graduated from chatting, to actual talking and videos, it is becoming more up close and personal. They carry on these conversations; they are talking next to me on the internet.

When a person chatted, I did not know what they chatted about, now they are talking right next to me in the internet café. I can hear their conversations.

I have been to 77 countries, I more or less just wander around on the planet, and I do not need a good reason to visit a country. I have for the most part traveled to easy places to visit. I am now trying to go to the countries more difficult to visit and take more planning. I am presently trying to plan trips to Bishkek, Kyrgystan and Sao Tome, Africa.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to travel to Thailand or the Philippines and blog about these countries. There are so many of these men on the internet searching for information on these two countries.

I make a few girl jokes; I title blog post as I have titled this one.
Philippines Internet Friends

Now, I am an expert on the internet, I know how to generate traffic on my site, and for sure a page about titled Philippines Friends will get about 10 times more traffic than if I title this blog post maybe.Blogging from the Philippines. A rather boring title and not much temptation to read.

This is a game for me, I enjoy playing little word and writer games, the newspaper does and television news does this constantly. They have these blaring headlines of phrases that infer something that is not real. Now, I have made this headline here about Philippines Internet Friends.

The number of angry, sarcastic and off-topic comments on the blog increased ten-fold when I left Africa and entered Thailand. I need to work on the internet so I stayed longer than normal in both internet friendly countries, Philippines and Thailand. I need to update pages, fix problems, just do damage repair. I have come to Manila for a few years for three major reasons. 24 hour excellent internet cafes, American food in Robinsons Mall, and a few Semi-Sane English speaking Expats hanging around.

More or less a way for me to go home and work, without going home, I cannot spend more than 30 days in the USA or have a serious tax bill.

I am sad, as I have discovered that the semi-sane expats have left the Philippines, and they have been rapidly replaced by a man from the USA or Europe, Australia who has been chatting with the girl who exposed herself in the internet café yesterday.

These men assume that if I am in Thailand or Philippines, then I am in these countries for the same reason they are, and the jokes I make about girls and such feeds this belief. They believe I also sit on the internet, chat, talk, and have some form of cyber friendships with these girls in the Thailand and the Philippines.

However, these men are wrong, and they get very angry with me, make very sarcastic, off-topic, angry remarks on the blog. I try to just ignore, as I know they will stop reading the blog the moment I leave this area of the planet.

These men have secret lives they live on the internet. They are often married men, two children, working in an office in the USA. They go to work and start having these extra-marital relationships with girls over the internet in both Thailand and the Philippines. The guilt builds up, they go further and further down the road to adultery. They play games with themselves and one day they get divorced and they travel to places like the Philippines to find the replacement for their wife.

My blog is in the middle, mostly by accident, what I thought was harmless playing word games with titles to get more traffic on my site. These men find my site, and assume I am the same as them; it can be very trying on my patience.

I learned that people who go to South America know about South America. People who go to Southeast Asia know about Southeast Asia. People who travel to Dubai know about Dubai, a very few who travel to West Africa know about West Africa. The summer vacation backpackers, who travel to Europe, know about Europe.

Very few of these groups know much about the other groups, there is a few who know two of these groups, however very few actually have traveled in what may be about 12 major backpacker regions of the planet.

I do not like to travel to India because the majority of travelers in India are insane; they are searching for God, some mystical, herbal, dope-smoking solution that will end their life of being a loser.

Now as I wander in and out of Southeast Asia, I realize the majority of Philipines tourist were sitting on the other side of the planet watching that girl in the internet café expose herself.

They are the same a this girl in the internet café, they are the male mirror image of this boom boom girl who just walked over from L.A. Café to expose herself to a camera and talk over the internet.

I am not easily influenced or tempted to do anything I do not want to do, I am in 100 percent control over my brain and body, except for when it comes to Ice Coffee and maybe French Fries. I do not drink, I am an alcoholic, and I can sit and talk all day with drunks and not even get tempted, repulsed sometimes, but not tempted to drink.

I am clear whom I am, and who I am not, I do not get angry with person drinking or what a person does or how they live their lives. It is not possible to travel the planet if I got angry every time I listened to some comments I totally disagree with, or opinion opposite of mine.

I am dreaming a lot about Central Africa, the Congo, and are there really Gorillas in the Mist or is this just another Fantasy not-true movie. I dream of flying to Estonia, getting a visa to Russia and finally doing the Siberian Railway. I am reading a book from Paul Theroux about Oceania or Polynesian Islands, maybe the South Pacific. I talked for hours with Jeroen the travel agent on Khao San Road about how to enter, get visas, and travel to these more difficult places.

India is easy to figure out, the travelers are proud of their crazy behavior and talk for hours about the crazy things they do. Thailand and the Philippines is different, there are these people who are doing all these bizarre and perverted things, they have secret lives they live in their offices, their room, with that girl in the internet café I saw yesterday.

I used to think that the Philippines was some better than normal English speaking country, where maybe I could find a few expats to discuss Global issues, talk business, or eat a Pizza with what I hope is real cheese. Now as I have accidentally put two and two together, I realize there is a majority of tourist or traveler here with some type of agenda or secrets. The people who are talking, chatting and watching this girl in the internet café expose herself to the webcam camera; this man is doing it also to her. This is creepy, and I am surrounded by these creeps, all the former military have left, or too old. Yes, there is usually a problem around military bases, however now the Philippines U.S. Military bases are closed, and the normal soldiers men have been replaced by a new generation of men. They thought the Military men were bad, the future looks rather bleak, as these predatory, lurking men, who know everything about video cameras, chatting, discover the Philippines and Thailand.

Any way you try to understand this, it just keeps getting creepier the more I understand, and there are things on the planet you do not want to learn about or understand.

Well, if there is the girl, there is also the man on the other side who is chatting, so I would say the advice also is mirrored to the man. I should never trust a man who chats.

I do not have any Philippines Internet Friends and to tell you the truth, if I hear a man say he does, I think I will walk on the other side of the road. It for sure is time to wander to another part of the planet.

There are men becoming internet friends with men in the Philippines and this story is even more creepy.

I was laughing to myself, I also have these lurking silent journalist and travel writers who read my blog, and they mine it for ideas. Well here is your story,
- The USA Soldiers have left the Philippines, who has replaced them, did the Philippines exchange one problem for an even worst problem? The Cyber S…..x Tourist comes to the Philippines.

Philippines Internet Friends

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