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Philippines Child Helps Mom Shower

2008-01-23 20:21:00

Philippines Child Helps Mom Shower
Life is the street, just taking a shower is difficult, I have taken similar photos in India, and other countries.

I guess this shower ritual makes me grateful for the on-off Hot Water Shower, with intermittent pressure in my hotel.

My life is good, and then some people life is difficult.

Manila Philippines - Southeast Asia
Malate Mabini Ermita
Thursday, January 24, 2008
Andy of ---

Hmm, about 8:00 am in Metro Manila, I was walking to the Internet Café, and saw this woman squatting. At first, it did not quite hit me what was happening. She was fully clothed and as best I can understand, she sought the assistance of her this small boy to clean her back or the exposed areas of her body.

This type of cleaning is normal on most of the planet, the vast number of people, and especially in Tropical areas take a dip shower outside. They will be clothed, often in a sarang and slowly work to clean their bodies.

The pure poverty driven difficulty of taking a shower gave me one of them pains I try to ignore. I try not to feel too much, keep my mind closed. However sometimes, the small pains just hurt.

I am happy for the union of Mother and Child, I am sad they have to work together in this way. This is a very busy street, many people walking by, staring, looking, and removing any sense of shyness or pride the woman could muster.

The little boy is diligently cleaning mom.

The boy is happy, the mother is hiding.

There is no solution you can just take off the shelf and insert into this situation. I only think the people who came back from the Provinces should go back to the Provinces. Maybe life was poor, but not in this way.

A few families always seem to live in front of Hotels in Malate area of Manila. There is nervousness when you walk through their living room on the sidewalk, and in this instance walking through their shower.

Photos. Why take photos, this is the real world, take it, love it, and know that only by seeing the real world can we continue to make it a better world. This is real life in as I walked through the person shower.

Note, I took a distance and took effort to keep the women face out of the photos, as I can see the embarrassment is her eyes still remains. I do not want to assist in jaded removal of pride.

I am always indignantly upset, and angry when orphanages, NGO's, any save the planet people do not have these photos. A person would have to be drunk continuously to not be able to take these type of photos in Manila Philippines. Then again, I often think that is what the NGO's on the planet do for work, they drink... hang in the Five Star Hotels and talk talk talk and take the nice people donations money to drink.

Philippines Child Helps Mom Shower