People Living in Cages in Asia

People Living in Cages in Asia
Making fences is a good business on the planet, however there are more and more of these city folks living in cages. I wonder if they know they are in a cage?

I took one photo in the Philippines and took three photos today in Thailand.
Looks like a cage to me.

Bangkok Thailand - Southeast Asia
Khao San Road
Wednesday, January 16, 2008
Andy of ---

This house is in Quezon City, Philippines, high steel fences are standard for city people in Manila and around, however this person decided to live in cage. That fence went completely over their yard, I was a little afraid to take too close of photo, never know what a caged person might do. This is a very upscale neighborhood in Quezon City.

The photos that follow are from Khao San Road area, nothing upscale about it, more like a genetic throwback area of the world.

Cages on the top of three to seven story buildings is common here in the Khao San Road areas of Bangkok. Watching TV in the cage, that big dish is probably for Television.

People in cities are funny, they pay about three to ten times the rent to live in the city, and they volunteer to live in cages.

I promise not to throw more than one peanut at them.

People Living in Cages in Asia