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One Step Backwards Wiki Search

One Step Backwards with Wiki Search

Wikipedia.org is trying to use free labor to take on Google.com and create a new search engine.

I remember hoping, begging, and praying that Yahoo.com allowed me in their index. I am so happy Google.com put them old miserable days behind. Yahoo.com tried to collect 269 dollars and then would not say, 100 percent you will be included in their directory, what a bad idea.

The proven principle of the internet that works,
is allow anyone to play with your toys.

Bangkok Thailand - Southeast Asia
Khao San Road
Tuesday, January 7, 2008
Andy of HoboTraveler.com ---

Open Source is not the same as Open to anyone.

I laugh at the Internet, when I first start in pure HTMl, I had to make a perfect code page or it did not work.

The Microsoft explorer improved and bad code, looked good, now with Firefox, back to the same, bad code look bad. Not everyone is an expert.

Now, Wiki wants to say, I need permission by them to get in their directory.

Reminds me of Yahoo.com and their crash, history does repeat.

I love the Wikipedia.org encyclopedia, however I keep laughing,
I cannot post something as an expert traveler. I need citations.

- Therefore, I will write a book someday, whereby I can quote myself as fact, and both ways, they are not fact.. hehehe -

This link cannot be the one I am supposed to bookmark, but the only one that is clearly a search. What will I need to do, bookmark later when they decide they are going to make it.

One Step Backwards Wiki Search