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Manila Mabini Street Hotel

2008-01-20 01:19:00

Manila Mabini Street Hotel
I arrived at about 6:00 am to the Stone House Hotel in Manila.

They had one room on the noisy street side for 1200 Pesos. However, they wanted another 200 to move in before noon. I understand maybe waiting until 9 or 10:00, however just too much for me. I asked,
- Are you serious, do really mean I have to wait until 12 to move in? A person cannot move in until after 12:00? -

1200 Peson is almost three times the price I paid on Khao San Road for same type of room or better.

I know this is just a Philippines Culture lie, just another little lie, that some days makes me want to slap them. I had the same culture lie happen on Philippines airlines one time. The attendant tried to serve me fish, said there was no chicken, I refused the meal, take it away I told here. And guess what, suddenly my chicken arrives. She was lying to avoid the work or walking back to the galley. In this Hotel instance, she is just trying to extract money.

Manila Philippines - Southeast Asia
Malate Mabini Ermita
Saturday, January 19, 2008
Andy of HoboTraveler.com ---

I stored my larger bag and went in search of a room, it is only about 7:00 AM, so not an issue of time or need, I can find a room.

I refuse to enable a hotel to abuse our friendships. I stayed in this Hotel three separate times and this is too much to endure today. I walked down to another hotel and was delighted to hear the management had change, and is now a happy hotel.

The girl from the Stone House is a nice women, she is just Philippines Lazy today, refuses to be bothered to do her job. A very common problem in the Philippines.

If I went back to the same hotel again, the person can change, the same women may want to do her job or listen. I just do not believe this hotel requires a person to arrive after 12:00 noon to move into an empty room. There was a room, it was vacant.

The value for the room is lousy.

Manila Mabini Street Hotel

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