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Man Climbing Coconut Tree like a Monkey

2008-01-11 18:17:00

Man Climbing Coconut Tree like a Monkey
Video of an incredible feat of strength as a Thailand man on the beach of Ban Saen, Thailand climbs a tree to clean old coconuts and branches. The beach has trees lined up for a few kilometers, not just a couple of trees. South of Chon Buri and North of Pattaya.
Ban Saen, Thailand
North of Pattaya and South of Chon Buri
Beach in Southeast Asia
Saturday, January 12, 2008
Andy of ---

I was walking by and luckily had the camera close, this man just suddenly jumps on the coconut tree and starts to shimmy up. He has no ropes, nothing but his bare hands. I have seen this a few time, however normally the tree is leaning over or short, these tree were tall. In addition, the trunk was wider so more or less a bear hug all the way up.

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Man Climbing Coconut Tree like a Monkey

These are photos on Baen Saen Beach and the sand is not as nice as it look, however this beach was a well-planned beach and the palm trees are perfect for the Thailand culture. However, I would almost assume someone has a coconut fall on him or her each year.

This man climbing the tree is a much-needed job. I remember sitting in a hotel in Pie de la Cuesta, Mexico, North of Acapulco when suddenly a coconut came bombing through the roof of the terrace area. Dropping, bouncing and banging it way across the floor, with large chunks of red clay roofing strewn around.

This is like dropping brick on peoples heads, whenever I am around coconuts tress I will forever remember that one falling a few feet from me, thinking wow I was lucky.

Man Climbing Coconut Tree like a Monkey