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Losing Interest in Philippines and Thailand

2008-01-21 23:06:00

Losing Interest in Philippines and Thailand
There arrives a time when a person should not travel to a country. I am reaching this with both the Philippines and Thailand.

Manila Philippines - Southeast Asia
Malate Mabini Ermita
Tuesday, January 22, 2008
Andy of ---

There are many good things about a country and many bad things, all countries are the same in this way. As we visit a country we hope there never arrives the time when we will say goodbye. It is becoming incredibly difficult for me to ignore never-ending small pains of these two countries.

There is too many straws, my back is broken. I will do my best to not visit Thailand or Philippines longer than one week per visit. There are other business reasons I need to come to Philippines, like the Backpack project. and I use Thailand as a base to buy plane tickets.

Theses activities are possible, however to rest or relax is full of too many small pains.

They say that Alex Garland, writer of the book the Beach, was known to floating around in the Philippines, however I think he moved on to somewhere else. The best I can tell most of the good type expats have moved out of the Philippines and Thailand and all that is left, is what is left.

Losing Interest in Philippines and Thailand