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Leticia Colombia Memories

2008-01-30 19:36:00

Leticia Colombia Memories
I have a daily unique travel experience, and I suspect very few people get to see this snapshot of travel.

People from all over the planet submit internet pages to or Last night while I slept here in Bangkok, Thailand a Hostel in Leticia, Colombia was busy uploading photos and adding information the site.

I spent maybe three days in Leticia, Colombia before taking the next boat up the Amazon River to Iquitos, Peru so I have fond memories of Leticia, Colombia.

Mahatu Hostel

Bangkok Thailand - Southeast Asia
Khao San Road Area
Thursday, January 31, 2008
Andy of ---

This may just be business crap to some, but to me this is real life. I was in Leticia with a few other Travelers. Pascal from Belgium, an Ecuador guy with no money and Malaria, a Swiss guy that has is backpack robbed, and some Japanese girl who looked like Olive Oil from the Cartoon, Popeye the Sailor.

There are waves of travel information that flows into my email box daily, most of it annoying spammers, however every day or two one comes in that is truly a memory or excellent obscure Travel information.

This extremely, I mean outrageously good page was submitted to the Architecture pages of, and I so excited I wrote the person to thank him.

The work and research on this page about Oriental Architecture needs a stand up and applaud, a lot of claps, standing ovations, a few Thailand Y’s and a Japanese bow.

I live in and with these memories, maps, dreams, and some anticipation of the next adventure just over the next mountain or as the plane hits down on the tarmac and I start to wiggle in my seat.

A funky map from 2002 when I was on the River Napa coming from Coca Ecuador to Iqutios Peru.
River Napo Map

Leticia Colombia Memories