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Hotel Maintenance

2008-01-14 17:53:00

Hotel Maintenance
I do Hotel Maintenance on a regular basis; I think all tourist and travelers could benefit from a class on Home Maintenance, especially in the areas of Toilets and Showers.

I have to do maintenanc, hotels owners are the champion slumlords of the planet.
Bangkok Thailand - Southeast Asia
Khao San Road
Tuesday, January 15, 2008
Andy of ---

If I did not know how to fix, repair and do small maintenance jobs in hotel rooms then a person should say I lived in the slums. I never live in slums. I fix problems, or move, then I see people move into problem rooms I left, and I think to myself, that person is living in the slum room.

Hotel Owners are slumlords for the most part; a slumlord is a person who only cares only that they collect money and refuses, and/or does repairs only when forced. They will paint an apartment when they start to lose money and not before.

In a tourist area with close to 100 percent occupancy like the Khao San Road, it is a breeding ground for slumlord hotels. People line up at reception desks to move into empty rooms as people checkout at 12 noon.

The owners know they have the money; there is no incentive to maintain the rooms.

What you see mostly is them working on projects to expand their streams of income. They will add an internet café, a new bar section, work on restaurant, sell more drinks area, add the laundry and in the end just do a slum job at all of them while everything in the occupied rooms is not maintained properly.

Repeat customers are rare, how many times does a person return to Thailand in their life, the truth is only a minute percentage of the travelers ever return, not enough to care about.

The Caribbean had some of the worst rooms, they just knew they had people who wanted to pay too much for their rooms. Then the tourist were too excited to say they, I-was-there to want to complain, I paid two months wages and I am not going to admit, I stayed in a slum hotel to my friends. They go home and brag, and the slum hotels are happy.

Business Traveler
A business traveler should live as good as they live in their own home, the President of the United States deserves to live the same quality as the White House when he travels.

I sold homes in prior life, people do not do maintenance, they buy a new home because their present home is worn out because they never did any maintenance on it. The last three weeks before they sell it, they do all work they needed to do for years, and never enjoy the nice home.

I feel quite sure business travelers will forever complain about the hotels and drive up the level of Five Star Hotels to an absolutely crazy level of quality and expense. I met one the other day on Khao San Road as he was on vacation with his family, he will not pay that much money to live with his family…

Hotel Maintenance