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Hobo on Front Page of Thailand

2008-01-15 07:20:00

Hobo on Front Page of Thailand
For kicks when bored, I go to my statistics page and see who is sending victims to my web. I can see the last 100 links that sent money to me… hehehe

I see this one below and thought, hmm... I will go see why this silly site has /category/ in their link, a sure sign this is a database driven site, not something you want to know for sure. (Maybe it Content Managment)

I chatted to boy Genius in India the link, because the page is nice looking and it make him feel good when we do good.

He says owns it…
(Ok, for sure I recommend put this Thailand page as a feature today.)

Bangkok Thailand - Southeast Asia
Khao San Road
Monday, January 14, 2008
Andy of ---

The bad part for has more traffic than according to

It was about my easy to do post they liked,
Are There Pyramids in Thailand

This type of post is just too easy, funny, annoying to me, and bound to get hate mail if I really unleash my sarcastic observations. I just do not like the taste of hate mail.

Come on please promote your site better, so I can upgrade from Chicken Fried Rice to Pizza at the Pizza Company. (Tell them to turn down their music please.)

Hobo on Front Page of Thailand