Getting my Second Wind for Travel

2008-01-13 16:13:00

Getting my Second Wind for Travel
Nothing like finding your second wind, I feel fortunate in life that the good Gods have given me fortitude.

Bangkok Thailand - Southeast Asia
Khao San Road
Monday, January 14, 2008
Andy of ---

I think many people desire to work everyday, they want to blend in, they never want the world to see they are a lazy slacker. They do not want to commit to something, to say they stood for something. Hiding... afraid to they will get hurt, they will never feel the good pain in life.

I hear them say, I am not responsible for my government. I hear people tell me daily what is not possible, it is fantasy and yes some ideas are not possible.

However, this is the truth, if you, not your friend dreams of something, the very fact you dream of doing it, defines you as capable of succeeding. The mind is a great machine, it generally does not accept jobs (Dreams) that it cannot accomplish.

Then some other persons faulty slacker machine walks up and say to you, your machine is broken, you cannot do that, they do not understand, your machine is capable.

A loser is a loser, and winners walks away, sometimes escapes and runs.

When a person says they can’t do something, I believe them, I also know they never got their second wind.

I have been working on some projects for years, and some of them are starting to walk.

Second Wind

Getting my Second Wind for Travel

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