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Four Light Bulb Hotel

2008-01-26 22:47:00

Four Light Bulb Hotel
This Hotel room is abnormal, I have four lights in this room.

Manila Philippines - Southeast Asia
Malate Mabini Ermita
Saturday, January 19, 2008
Andy of ---
- Center of room, the standard one.
- Toilet another standard one.
- Above the bed
- Over the desk or vanity area

It also has four plug electrical plug outlets, I am in a room with doulbe the normal number of electrical thingies.

Oops, five plugs, rather amazing, there is an electrical plug in the toilt and shower whereby I could use an electrical shaver if I had one. I do not, even though I am an electrical shaver person. It just does not work, electrical shavers have too many problems, my solution is to avoid shaving for five day periods. Then there is not normally adequate lighting in a room.

I am intrigued, I keep thinking about checking into a Five Star room and see if they designed the room correctly. I think any Hotel over five years in age is not even worth the time to look.

I was being teased about going to Indiana University, and I was not sufficiently annoyed, I more or less said,
- I should have went to another University and studied Architecture and not Philosophy.

It was a Karmic rift in my life.

I did superb in mechanical drawing class in high school, sloppy drawing but was capable of seeing every imaginable detail that should be included in the drawing. I dwell on this type of mental thinking, to see all the many corners, facets, dimensions of any issue or subject, can you teach this.

The computer would not remove my sloppiness, I must remind myself to go to Panthip and buy a Cad Drawing program, or Architecture program. I need another hobby,
- I think I will design and engineer a hotel. -

Stupid as it sounds, I do not believe an Architect could compete with me on how to design a hotel. It is up there with a backpack, I just have personally, mentally, emotionally suffered too many problems of a hotel. My laundry list of needs is phenomenal, and another reason I am extremely qualified to design a Hotel site like our new

Now take a break, and think, a very complicated thought is more difficult to implement than a simple one. I told my friend, the average hotel site is 10-100 times less dimensional than is designed to be in the future.

Whatever the case, I do know that four lights in my room is a lot, however they still do not have a reading light next to the bed. I would hope that a Five Star Hotel would have close to 20 light sockets in the room or more, and 100 percent sure, I think those little plate jobbies that turns on the lights when I enter is a tragic joke for a five star hotel.

…. Are the Key Tag Electrical people saying I cannot charge my computer, camera and cell phone batteries when I leave the room? ….

Four Light Bulb Hotel