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Fly to Manila Tonight

2008-01-17 19:29:00

Fly to Manila Tonight
7500 Baht Round Trip or Return as many countries say, for about 200 Dollars I will stay in Manila and chase the Windmill Backpack for a week, then return to Bangkok.

The flight from Bangkok to Manila is about 7-8 hours porthole to porthole, not a bad trip; I will wake up in Manila.

I 100 percent recommend a person arrive in early morning to Manila, unless they have a Hotel Reservation. The cost of Hotels in Manila is about double of Bangkok.

Bangkok Thailand - Southeast Asia
Khao San Road
Thursday, January 17, 2008
Andy of HoboTraveler.com ---

A nice Hotel on Khao San Road with AC, etc, is about 500 Baht for an independent traveler and you can get great fan rooms for as little as 150-180 Baht per night behind the Burger King.

The Four Sons is good on AC rooms; there is about five Four Sons Hotels in the Khao San Area.

It seems the only safe bet on room on the planet it now the new hotel; I am always searching for the new boy on the block. Used to stay in the Mango for 500 Baht, now it 850, same with the Erawan House, just keep climbing in cost as people find these new hotels.

Manila is a royal pain in the wallet, just too expensive to live in the Malate, Ermita, or Mabini area. Double the cost of Khao San, or about 850-1100 Pesos minimum for rooms with a good search. (I am searching for the path to jump direct to Islands)

To arrive after noon without a reservation is a budget buster. Getting a reservation guarantees they put you in the worst room in the hotel for the most amount of money.
- The RESERVE a Bad Hotel Room System. -

I just arrive early and be a good shopper. I am glad I am going only for a week, as of today, I think Manila is becoming a city to completely bypass, go straight for an Island and forget leaving the airport.

Same as Mumbai, India, just not a good reason to stop and play. In a way, I think the big cities are almost doomed to lose tourist as even a simpleton tourist can skip the big city.

In the past, we needed to stop, transit at the big city, before going to a better destination, now with the internet; even a backpacker can reserve a cheap room at their final destinations. The fewer than 40 room hotels are going to help spring a huge leak in the occupancy of the five star hotels.

The leak is open, a few tourist know they can get a great room in smaller hotels, same quality, better locations, (Islands) for half the money.

Fly to Manila Tonight

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