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Chasing Zippers in Philippines

2008-01-10 20:41:00

Chasing Zippers in Philippines
Zippers for backpack that is, I am going back to Manila on January 19 to chase down zippers. Rodney has found some samples of Number 10 Hasp Sliders for zippers that we need to make backpacks.

Bangkok Thailand - Southeast Asia
Khao San Road
Friday, January 11, 2008
Andy of ---

I have been chasing this windmill a long time; I am hoping to soon have a good example of a great zipper pull in my possession. Plus the good part, we can now order them and a couple of months later, I am two steps closer to being able to make a great backpack.

It is every hard to search for these pulls, as I was never before able to show anyone an example only photos. Plus we can test drive them.

It now looks like it is time to get serious about what materials to use, whether Spectra, Cordura, etc. I feel good about the other clips; strangely, there is store besides the grocery here on Khao San Road that has a good selection of clips, buckles, ropes, cord, and strapping.

Next is the need to get all these parts in one location on the planet next to a sowing machine, with a person who is skilled in how to use it. I am sure Rodney can make a great pack, if we can get the correct raw materials in front of him.

I am sure many men in Philippines have paid up 200 dollars for zippers, but this my first time. The round trip ticket from Bangkok to Manila is 7500 Baht, about 200 USA. I was not willing to risk having these shipped to me, I have hunted too many places for this zipper pull. Strangely, I have talked to tons of YKK distributor people and shown them the picture, and finally we got one to get serious.

Now with an example we can also commission companies to make them to our specs.

The Asia gouge sales mentality is goes out of control when the think I am buying something I cannot buy from anyone else. Truth is, I feel a trip to Japan is on the way.

Chasing Zippers in Philippines