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Boiling Bed Bugs and Bloody Shirts

2008-01-04 09:19:00

Boiling Bed Bugs and Bloody Shirts
I move rooms; I think this new room is free of bed bugs. However, now I am boiling everything in sight hoping to kill my pets. I now have a family collected in a bag.

The Hotel cleaned the clothes for free, but there was a fight…
Bangkok Thailand - Southeast Asia
Khao San Road
Friday, January 4, 2008
Andy of ---

A Bloody Shirt Story
New Years Eve the husband of he housekeeper, or the one that cleans the laundry and many other things was beat up by her husband. They proceeded to get blood all over my new shirt I purchased at Robinsons Mall in Manila, Philippines.

The girl I guess has six stitches, and I have not seen her around, the husband is still doing maintenance.

They tried to bleach out the blood, now it is many white and blue and many stripes, so much for the bloody shirt...

Cannery Row is not very far from here.
Tomorrow, I am going float some bed bugs in my bucket. I will load up a plastic cap from a bottle with bugs. I will then turn on the electric water heater; see if I can boil them in their small boat.

I hope to video this, but I want to know, does hot water kill bed bugs?

Boiling Bed Bugs and Bloody Shirts