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BanSaen BanSen BanSan Beach Thailand

2008-01-09 03:02:00

BanSaen BanSen BanSan Beach Thailand
I am at a beach, nobody can seem to decide how to spell in English, but this is Thailand... I sort of search often for a good Beach close to Bangkok, one where I can just spontaneously visit when I am in Bangkok.

No planes, trains or hassles, just leave, one that is a couple or hours from Bangkok.
Ban Saen Thailand - Southeast Asia
Wednesday, January 9, 2008
Andy of ---

This is a map of the region around Bangkok; I am not keen on 5-8 hour bus trips to get to Koh Chang or Koh Mak near Cambodia. Moreover, they are now past prime time for good beaches. Too long on the market, the Pattaya Beach is known as a world class rental of boom boom the girls location and may have good beaches, I have never been there. But a good beach is more than just sand and water.

A Thailand girl got some recommendations from co-workers and I am now in Bang Saen for two day and one night. (She just corrected my typing in English, and for sure this English spelling is under debate.

Ban Saen
Ban Sen
Ban San
Bang Saen
Saen Suk

My method is to find these types of places is to get some nice unsuspecting Thai person to write the word in English and then hope we agreed.

Ban Saen is a weekend warrior beach, typical Thailand beach, a rent an umbrella, stay out of the sun beach. A good boardwalk, plenty of Hotels behind the beach and no reason to rent a room on the beach. Because there is no room on the beach, the road is between the beach and the rooms.
Very easy to find an AC, TV, room for 200-400 Baht one block off the big monument that announces the beach and take a left.

I would believe on the weekends this place is full of Thailand people sitting under umbrellas avoiding the sun, and drinking beer.

It is funny in the world; most beaches on the planet are avoided, because the world doe not want to get tan, they want to stay white as possibl, however go to a beach to get some sun.

I have an AIS One to Call GPRS internet connection, with this connection it makes wandering around Thailand possible, without the continue hunt for Internet Café.

BanSaen BanSen BanSan Beach Thailand