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Americans on Khao San Road

2008-01-12 01:35:00

Americans on Khao San Road
A couple, a women of 69 years, and a man of 76 arrived today to the Khao San Road area. Two men, one about 42 and the other 50 are running around lose also, they are readers and friends.

Bangkok Thailand - Southeast Asia
Khao San Road
Saturday, January 12, 2008
Andy of ---

They are from the USA and surprising as it may be, this has become a very annoying culture to me. The USA tourist or traveler can micromanage the travel experience that converts a vacation into work.

Amerians make a legal pad list of things to do…
I think the word itinerary is synonymous with the word jail.

I was teasing another American as he has penciled in goal for when he travels a longer time.
He said,
- I have a list of books to read.-

A good project is great, however the spontaneous life is for me.

I told my friend, please earmark this conversation, I want to hear you repeat it to me three years from now, after you have traveled the planet. I want you to say to me again,
- I have a list of books to read. -

This desire to control, plan and utilize a life is an intriguing idea, however what does that have to do with travel?

A list of books, hmm, even if I had the list, I could not buy the books, and for sure the normal traveler is way too lazy to carry around 10 books.

America is the land of rules, and self administered, accompanied by daily mental floggings. I am sure I will fill a little bit guilty for the rest of my life for not obeying the rules. Like, I have said before, this thinking outside the box is silly, gee whiz people, get out of the box.

Americans on Khao San Road