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Air Conditioning Sickness

2008-01-28 17:51:00

Air Conditioning Sickness
I am stuff up, I have a headache, I think I have isolated why I feel grumpy and not happy.

I have air conditioning sickness, and the truth is, I do not even know what that is… maybe a fungus in AC.

Bangkok Thailand - Southeast Asia
Khao San Road Area
Tuesday, January 29, 2008
Andy of ---

I was talking about this before, however I need to raise this air conditioning problem to a major concern for a long-term travelers like me. Dirty water, dirty sheets, dust mites in the bed, stains on the pillows, there is tons of junk in the air, I am not in Kansas.

I need to make and executive Hobo decision, I have to options:

1. New Hotels with New Air Conditioning.
- Less than 2-3 year old Hotels, and not smoking if possible, as I am not a smoker.

2. Cheap Fan room, with good fans and big windows.

The best choice I the Cheap Fan room, the value of the room is always there, the sense of being treated fair, getting the value for my buck is good. (I want know Monkeys on my back.)

I have stayed in about five separate rooms in the last few weeks all with Air Conditioning, I only felt good when the Air Conditioners were obviously new. I changed room in the present hotel, and even though the room does not have bedbugs, I now have Air Conditioning headaches. These types of underlying feelings are difficult to understand and get in touch with, they are not obvious problems, and for sure, I can ignore all sorts of pains.

I am happy to solve this travel riddle, because until I isolate travel problems, there is no way to solve. I will move into a different hotel today if possible. The smoking and air conditioning problem is too great here.

Air Conditioning Sickness