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Guatemala Flowers

In the back of a Toyota Small Truck Taxi that cost 3 Quetzales - 2008

Mayans of Guatemala

Small Guatemala Girl

Vendo Este Terreno - Solo Interesado
This Land for Sale, Only Interested - I never have understood this type of Real Estate comment.
The goal of a sale is to tell people about, if they called they are for sure interested, even if they do not buy.
Too stupid and I sold 2 per week as a Broker

Hotel Miralrio Hotel on the River of Panajachel, Guatemala - Lago Atitlan

The Guatemalan people work in the river bed to screen separate gravel into different size stone

The big one fall into bucket, the small goes through the screen

Cleaning Onions and getting ready for market

Onions in the Panajachel River

Onions Photos

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