Orange Juice Guatemala

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Guatemala School Girls walking past the Hotel in Antigua Guatemala

Antigua Guatemala Schools Laughing at us, the foreigners

The one has a Camera

I get a photo of her, taking a photo of us - The foreigners - Antigua Guatemala

Two ice shaving making machines for sale in Antigua Guatemala

This is a hand scraper for ice, used to make an Ice Slushy drink. You add flavors like Orange, Lime
after you have a glass full of ice shavings.

In the large Supermarket of Antigua Guatemala there is this Orange Squeezing Machine.

They drop the oranges in whole and out comes orange juice.

The juice being collected at bottom.

This is Tampico, it is NOT Orange Juice, but orange drink, more or less sugar water with orange flavor.
These types of drinks are problems as they are marketed and portrayed as Orange Juice.
When reading a label in a foreign language, look for the number 100%, this normally is juice, and not sugar water.

Orange Juice Guatemala Photos

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