Jardin Bavarian Antigua Guatemala

Jardin Bavarian Antigua Guatemala Photos    Jardin Bavarian Antigua Guatemala Pictures
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Jardin Bavarian - Probably a German owned Bar in Antigua, Guatemala.
People go to foreign countries and then try to make it like the place they left.

Coffee Grinder - Guatemala has more than normal production of Coffee or Cafe.

Antigua Yuppie Style Coffee Store

Not normal for a Van to have the word "Tourism" on the top, there are many vans or transports
in Antigua, Guatemala that only cater to tourist, much more than any normal tourist area.

Andrenaling Tours  www.adrenalinatours.com

Drinking Water with a cart that carries the five gallon bottle. I think 22 Liters

Special cart, the rail pops up to hold the bottles on the cart

I do not know what this is, some type of tool maybe - Antigua, Guatemala

Chocopina - Pineapple - Helados Fresa- Ice Cream Strawberry
Chocobananas - Chocolate Banana - ChocoPapaya - Chocolate Papaya

School Girls - Notice the umbrella on a very sunny day, to stop them from getting brown or tan.
I do not believe for heat at all, more to keep themselves white.

Jardin Bavarian Antigua Guatemala Photos

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