Price of Gas Guatemala

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Albino Girls in Guatemala

Albino in Guatemala, I have now seen two in this small area

Price of gas or petrol in Guatemala - I am not sure, I think per gallon, not clear March 2008
7.5 Quetzals to the dollars so maybe about 3.80 per gallon. If gallons.

Young Boy with Drafting Board on the way to school in Jocotenango Guatemala

School Boy on Bike in Jocotenango Guatemala

Puma Petrol or Gas Station in Jocotenango Guatemala - 2 Kilometers from Antigua, Guatemala

Chicken Bus loading in Jocotenango Guatemala

Chicken Bus

Car Wash, do not think Antigua is not developed, this place has washing machines, dryers, wifi, condo, etc.

Semilleros - Seed producing farm - Pilones de Antigua

Price of Gas Guatemala Photos

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