Jocotenango Guatemala Shopping Mall

Jocotenango Guatemala Shopping Mall Photos    Jocotenango Guatemala Shopping Mall Pictures    Travel Newsletter  208

Jocotenango Guatemala - Cocote the city is name for this plant

Jocotenango Guatemala

Iglesia or Church of Apocaliptica - Antigua is invade by every imaginable denomination of protestant religion.

Jocotenango Guatemala Villa

This is a mall, not open yet, but very nice looking building in Jocotenango Guatemala

Mall in Jocotenango Guatemala

American Style school bus before the paint to make Chicken Bus - Jocotenango Guatemala

That man on the right is a guard with a sawed off shot-gun. He start following and calling at me, I ignored.
He was not sure I heard, or which language I spoke, and was to lazy to run to just hassle me.
Guards are not the most educated people on the planet and in all countries are annoying.

This is an older or unused open fountain area to wash clothes Jocotenango Guatemala

Corn Field under a mountain. I had to hold my camera up over the wall to get this picture, I could not see
however, my arms were high enough to take the Photo.

Jocotenango Guatemala Shopping Mall Photos
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