A Cold Apple in Guatemala

A Cold Apple in Guatemala Photos    A Cold Apple in Guatemala Pictures
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Alcohol 88 Percent I purchased to use as fuel to cook in my room. 4 US Dollars March 2008

Cocote in a Truck for sale in Antigua Guatemala

Antigua Guatemala Truck Food Vendor

Vegetable for sale in real of Truck - Antigua Guatemala

I think a person could use these barrels to make an Water Wheel to generate Electricity - Antigua Guatemala

Sawed Off Shotgun in front of Hogar Store or Furniture store in Antigua Guatemala

Not normal, I get to eat cold vegetables or fruit

 I spent all my life eating a cold Apple, It feels good to eat what is normal for me, a Cold Apple

Mira the Girlfriend of Wade of

This thing stays charged for 700 Hours and stores typed pages

A Cold Apple in Guatemala Photos

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