Antigua Guatemala Football Futbol

Antigua Guatemala Football Futbol Photos    Antigua Guatemala Football Futbol Pictures    Travel Newsletter  208

Funny Color of Photo, I am having trouble with Flash on FinePix

Fan Managment, I am trying to get the fan to not blow on my eyes and make them hurt.

Tied the cord to lowered ceiling tile supports

Lions Club of Antigua Guatemala

Club de Leones - Antigua Guatemala

Lions Club, probably a Rotary Club here also, I think most protestant religions have a base here.

Soccer of Futbol Football stadium in Antigua Guatemala

TelePizza -or Pizza Delivery Motorcycles

These groove allow the water to drain down the ditch, but also allows the cars to enter the garage or compound.

Stopping Motorcycles from entering, yet allow people to enter a Catholic Church grounds.

Antigua Guatemala Football Futbol Photos

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