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Orange Juice for Sale in Antigua, Guatemala

Some man told me that Orange Juice loses all the vitamins in minutes.
This has truly caused me frustrations when purchasing juice, I now try to find fresh.

Fresh Orange Juice in Antigua, Guatemala, I think five quetzales or about 80 Cents USA March 2008

Comedor, if you find one these, they have the cheap local food. It is semi-difficult to find packed in the market.

1 dollars USA for Eggs and Tortilla in the Comedor - Restaurant - 8 Quetzales

Posada de Don Quijote - Hotel

Posada de Don Quijote -

Antigua Guatemala Map to Posada de Don Quijote

Strange, there are two Ayn Rand - Fountainhead books in one bookcase.
People read certain or specific types of books in some travel destinations.
Ayn Rand seems to be one of them here in Guatemala,

TV room, not really used because TV's are in Room

Antigua Guatemala Restaurant Comedor Photos

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