Guatemala Using Dollars

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SOP - Standard Operating Procedure here for what appears to be most travelers to other cities in Guatemala.
The purchase transportation on about any corner, for about twice to triple the cost of Chicken Buses
they arrive conveniently in the next city. Not sure if this is good or bad, sort of neglects the local Chickens.

Don Quijote Graphic in Antigua Guatemala

Pamper yourself, seems to be a Foreigner here somewhere behind all the planet, and wow, about three days pay
for a local for one hour of something, definitely full tourist grade here in Antigua, Guatemala.

Cute little Guatemala Girl selling something called Cocote

Tracking down the correct names and spelling of food is time-consuming

Guatemala Food - Five Cocote for One Quetzales

Guatemala Girls, maybe more Mayan background and less Spanish

Cocote spelled wrong I would think

Q seems to mean Quetzales the money of Guatemala
$ seems to mean Dollars, I have not seen any Euro signs.
I assume if something is priced in Dollars I am paying more than I need, sort of tourist pricing.

Motorcycles are everywhere not in Antigua, Guatemala

Guatemala Using Dollars Photos

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