Antigua Guatemala Spa and Massage

Antigua Guatemala Spa and Massage Photos    Antigua Guatemala Spa and Massage Pictures    Travel Newsletter  208

Statues of Christian Catholic Religious Figures

Antigua Guatemala is highly developed, there are strategically located parks around the city.
This city appears to be laid out in quadrants and planned.

Old falling down buildings in Antigua Guatemala

Bananas for one Quetzal per Banana - March 2008

This is the water spout coming off the roof of a building

Guatemala Police Truck

I think I took a photo of the same beggar about 7 years ago in this city

This is high priced considering the daily pay of one person working in Spa like this
is probably around 10 USA dollars per day, more prices at tourist gouge.

El Repaso Spa in Antigua Guatemala

Many motorcycles now in Antigua, Hervin said that three years ago there were almost none.
I would say, time to go to Guatemala before these multiply and make this city very noisy.
March 2008

Antigua Guatemala Spa and Massage Photos

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