Central Park Antigua Guatemala

Central Park Antigua Guatemala Photos    Central Park Antigua Guatemala Pictures
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Fountain in middle of Antigua Guatemala Square, maybe called a Zocalo.
She has water coming out of her breast.

Full photo of the fountain in the central square of Antigua Guatemala

Nice pack in this square

Los Arcos Reds - I was having a good laugh at the next sign

The Best Curry in Town - Tourist and travelers make a lot of jokes about Pizza, I think Curry trumps Pizza as
a sign of full on tourist destination or tourist trap.

Tostado with Guacamole, probably celantra and sprinkles of Cheese for 3-5 Quetzals - March 2008
7.5 Quetzales makes one dollar USA

The assortment of condiments to put on the Tostado, Guatemala Food

DCOP - 1968 - These manhole covers or utility covers tell me a lot about the construction.
I also often check for how the city thinks they should spell the name of the city.

Up on a hill, in an area called the Candalaria is this structure

Embedded Statue

Central Park Antigua Guatemala Photos

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