Antigua Guatemala Architecture

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Antigua is a center for Backpacker, everyone in Guatemala has this idea backpack idea all over
them, they believe to come to Guatemala you need to be more of a rugged traveler.
This is one of them street vendors I normally avoid.

Super Market in Antigua Guatemala, nice to find in a city, never understand how budget or
living on a shoestring guidebooks like Lonely Planet can just ignore supermarkets.

Antigua is known for being an old Spanish Colony or to be colonized and have old Spanish
Architecture. I think the age of all building are less than 500 years so not old, I would say Mayan is very old, and
really a little more interesting than the Spanish ruins

Women or people of Guatemala carry items on their head, I am slowly trying to put together which
cultures do this, it is more balanced than the modern man, and I think a lot better for the body than
carrying thing in front or on our backs. I now put my backpack on my head for short walks.

The one end of the Antigua Guatemala City Square

Horse Buggy in the central square of Antigua Guatemala

There are many young Antigua boys with the Foreigner girls, seems to be a trendy relationship.
Guatemala men or boys are short, squatty, sort of wide, not your TV models

Corner of main square, the red color is probably because of the red clay bricks.
The color of the bricks is a default color of the construction

Antigua Street Vendors not the cheapest in the country, more or less tourist grade.

Porch or sidewalk on the square, the stonework is fun to see.

Antigua Guatemala Architecture Photos

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