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New Airport in Guatemala City

I took this Shuttle Van to Antigua for 10 US dollars and they priced it in dollars, and I paid in Dollars

A pretty modern bus for Guatemala, normally I see only the Chicken Buses.

Taxi in the Guatemala City Airport

Cleaning man in Antigua, Guatemala, a major Tourist City of Guatemala

Popusa the lady says, sort of two soft tortillas with cheese inside, about 6 Quezales or about one dollar.
The cheese is white inside and sort of soft and salty.

Many assorted meats in Guatemala

Popuso Stand in Antigua, Guatemala


I write things down, then take photos, there are two language, the locals and Spanish as business language
This Popusa is maybe a Quesadilla in Spanish.

NOTE: I went into a more formal restaurant, there was a big sign on wall - Pupusa, spelled different.... aagh

Guatemala Food Photos

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