does not work for Mom does not work for Mom
Mom and Dad cannot figure out What a great test, I have been experimenting with my Mom and Dad, she is 74, and Dad is 75. This is a follow up post after this post, you may want to read this first.
Videos Uploading make me Angry

Philippines - Southeast Asia
Saturday, December 15, 2007
Andy of ---

A person has to throw things at the wall, if you keep throwing things at the wall, I guarantee something will stick and one day you know what you can throw that will always work.

Videos, what a mess, I have thrown 17 videos onto the wall called,, and then they threw one back. They rejected one for being too long, and this was not a good day.

This was rejected, but it is up now, not on though.
Burkina Faso Carrying Water Video

80 plus Megs of upload, a long time of waiting for a good connection and rejected it, I thought the limit was 100 Megs; I do not have time to do this crap. I must succeed, I cannot have failure, I am not in Kansas, I am in the Philippine and this video was delayed two months because of slow connections in West Africa. Then rejected…

I took that video as a favor for the University Professors who research drinking water and cultures. It was a 10-minute long video, no cuts, no changes, nothing trying to change reality to fit me or my brain. The truth un-edited about how people in one place on the planet collect water and carry to their homes.

Therefore, when the truth gets rejected, not a good day for me.

I called Mom today on and asked her if she watched the videos and what she watched, etc, I have put up 17 or more now. The truth is this, my most diligent, consistent reader, the one that stops me from explaining the un-sanitized versions of countries, has not seen any of the videos….aaagh.

She was semi-clueless but these two links worked, and did not. I now have to back up, reverse a course of action on my web site, and see it I can fix 17 other blog posts, whereby my mother can read.

This is and was a great experiment for me; I do not like to make difficult pages for my readers.

My mother is not stupid; I would say I am stupid, if I am the wiz kid, smart on the computer person, I should be smart enough to give my mother something she can view. It is faulty thinking to think my readers should know how to use a computer to view or read. I do not want to test people for computer skills, I just want to give them some videos and allow them to share the experience.

These links work:

These do not work. All the videos I spent hours of making Mom and Dad could not see.

There is a travel moral here, I do not try to travel to Bangkok, I travel to Bangkok. Very seldom, do I turn back, I have no choice, and I have to make it. Highly ineffective people try to show people the world, I do not care about trying, I am going to do it, and my Mom and Dad are great experiments in how to make a Travel Site.

You will not get a person to write and email saying to you, hmmm. I was too stupid to know how to open that link. We need to learn from the people who do not offer advice, my Mother and Father are brilliant, the machine is just an older version. I am the newer machine, same builders, same model, just younger. does not work for Mom