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Why the Hot Water does not work in Hotel

Why the Hot Water does not work in Hotel
A video that answer the mysterious question.
- Why doe my Hotel say I have Hot Water, however, there is no hot water. A video explaining how to use the on demand hot water system to have the hot shower we thought we paid for.
Philippines - Southeast Asia
Monday, December 17, 2007
Andy of ---
Tell the truth, admit it, those cold-water shower in the tropics were not fun.

On demand hot water system, common in the normal world, the 80 percent of the planet that is not USA and Europe.

There is one handle, which handle also controls the heat of the water.

Turn up the water, makes it get cold, turning it down makes it hot

If the light goes off, the electricity goes off, therefore no hot water.

The slower the water goes through the water line, the warmer the water.

Sometimes owners put two or three switches to stop you from having a Hot Water shower, in Bolivia, I needed to have them turn the switch on at the desk, and often I have to turn on the breaker switch.

Getting a tow-along-Philippine-girl to show you how this works probably will not work, I doubt they have a shower or hot water at home. They could probably show you how to user the dipper that replaces toilet paper though.

57 Meg wmv File
Hot Water Shower

(Mom no-follow) - Pretty big for a dial up, and for a person that has never left the USA…

Note, I will soon convert and publish in formats for Linux and Mac users.

Why the Hot Water does not work in Hotel