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Used Books for Sale in Bangkok Thailand

2007-12-23 20:19:00

Used Books for Sale in Bangkok Thailand
A good used book sells for one-dollar U.S. on the planet. I regularly pay 50-100 baht for used books in Bangkok Thailand.
They are taking sandpaper to the books, very strange, but sells books.
Bangkok Thailand - Southeast Asia
Khao San Road
Monday, December 24, 2007
Andy of ---

This is the best place to find cheap books near Khao San Road in Bangkok, Thailand. It is inside the Wat and to the very back of the Wat, or Buddhist Temple. I suppose if you walked out the Police Station, entered the Wat and followed the maze you would finally find these books.

Used books on Khao San Road or around Khao San Road are Idiot Tourist Expensive. Now they have even made the tourist fall for more Thai tricks, to prove just how stupid the tourist are, and travelers.

I have looked, I keep trying, I want to take a photograph of this, however, before I forget, I need to blurt this out. The Thailand book vendors are sanding off the edges off the tops, bottom and side of books. A book looks old when the cover had wrinkles, or the paper on the ends is discolored, then in worst case, when the binding is bad, the pages fall out. The solution in Thailand is they sand off the discolored paper, and then wrap the book in plastic. Not allowing you to open the book, or see if the pages are intact, or the condition of the book, maybe the last chapter is missing out of the book, or the prior reader underlined the whole book with yellow marker.

I now do not buy books in plastic, I know the price is too high; they want to gouge me and sell me a pig in a poke.

This is an example of used books in plastic, sort of like buying a used car and not taking it for a test drive. I would at least unwrap it before I paid for it, and inspect it.

For the too lazy and too rich, not on a budget bunch, do not mind me calling them or inferring they are stupid, then here is a two great places to buy,
- Idiot Tourist Expensive Used Book and New. -
I go to these bookstores often...

Go to Khao San Road, go to the end with the Burger King and look to your left. When I really need a book, or I want to buy a guidebook for West Africa or Ethiopia or anywhere the normal Tourist Backpacker does not go, you know about 80 percent of the planet, I go to this new bookstore and it is well stocked. The used bookstore to the right has a good supply also of used books, however expensive.

I trade or throw away books; I do not have the luxury of keeping a book.

Used Books for Sale in Bangkok Thailand