Stuck in Traffic in the Philippines

Stuck in Traffic in the Philippines
Manila or Jakarta, hmmm which city has worst traffic? Bangkok is great compared to Manila or the Philippines in general.

Quezon City, Philippines - Southeast Asia
Wednesday, December 12, 2007
Andy of ---

I read sometimes these extreme systematically how to travel pages sometimes, where somebody explains everything about how to go from A to Z. I normally think this is over the edge, I however think this type of guide is needed.

I was going to Mariveles, Philippines today, however got on the bus, sat for a few minutes and decided the game was a no go.

Called up Mark in a place Malabon and he was to meet me in the San Francisco Coffee Shop. I go from BF Home to the overpass at Ever Gotesco and cannot get a taxi. I ask some boys, which bus, and they say Cubao. I get on this, they say, wrong bus, Quiapo. I get on Quiapo and arrive an hours later in Ermita. Total cost was 20 peso for the motorcycle taxi and 25 pesos for the Bus.

Hindsight is 20/20, I could now do this 30 minutes faster, because I know the bus, and where to stand, but… I was trying to take a taxi.

Mark never arrived, he text messaged me and said they taxi refused to come for less than 300 Pesos, I think the normal meter price is 125.

Stuck in Traffic in the Philippines