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Smile When You're Lying

2007-12-03 22:00:00

Smile When You're Lying
A book called - - - Smile When You're Lying- Confessions of a Rogue Travel Writer. An email was not sent to me explaining this book title and author.

I think one of them public relations type people, no he has a title, ok the Marketing Coordinator sent me this ready to go written statement, I call these Public Relations Releases. I think it was a compliment and the book does sound interesting. I for sure do not like Travel Writers. Hmm, is this guy a travel writer?

Manila, Philippines - Ermita Southeast Asia
Tuesday, December 4, 2007
Andy of ---

Sending me good book information is funny, it is almost impossible for me to read a new book published, so... Maybe if I am nice, publish this, they will send me a paper copy by UPS or Fedex... I would love a PDF file.

The book is about something I say or allude to all the time, and one of the reason I consider when a person calls me a travel writer an insult.

Chuck Thompson, travel writer, editor, and photographer, has finally decided to come clean about the travel industry. After more than a decade in the industry he had enough of the half truths that were demanded by his editors and was especially annoyed that the best stories didn’t make it into the articles.

In Smile When You’re Lying: Confessions of a Rogue Travel Writer Thompson recounts his career as a travel writer and dishes the dirt on what really happened while he was abroad. From getting swindled in Thailand to running into trouble with customs inspectors in Belarus and media junkets in the Caribbean to experiencing the penis Olympics in Japan. Chuck’s work has appeared in Maxim, The Atlantic, Esquire, National Geographic Adventure, and Escape, among many others, but the stories you’ll read in this book never made it to the pages of those magazines.

While debunking the myths that the travel industry forces down our throats, Thompson also dispenses some brutally honest advice. His tips include how to get the best accommodations (you pay for it), how to get bulkhead seats (bribe the departure-gate agent with chocolate), why you must always hang up on morons (100 percent annual turnover at call centers means you most likely aren’t gonna get a dedicated helper), and that spicy is never as spicy as you expect (unless it’s in Thailand where “when they tell you it’s spicy, it’s going to taste like someone shoving a blowtorch down your throat for the next twenty-five minutes”).

Smile When You’re Lying is a laugh out loud behind the scenes look at the travel industry. If you would like a review copy of this book, please reply to this message with your preferred mailing address. Please visit
for more information.


Ok, that was nice, I am a traveler, I travel, a little difficult to say if this book is good or bad, or the truth is this, for a traveler it is almost impossible to buy these books. Then again I am a traveler... not a travel writer.

Andy in Manila, Philippines

Smile When You're Lying