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Sanitizing My Travel Writing

Sanitizing My Travel Writing
My time in the Philippines has left me feeling like a hypocrite; therefore, I went to the dictionary to make sure I as calling myself the correct insult.

somebody feigning high principles: somebody who pretends to have admirable principles, beliefs, or feelings but behaves otherwise

Philippines - Southeast Asia
Thursday, December 13, 2007
Andy of ---

I am sanitizing my travel writing.

One of my small goals for coming to the Philippines was to make small videos of the street children.

Then next I ironically blogged about this book,
Smile When You‘re Lying

More or less saying, and implying I am better than the normal travel writer and journalist. Agreeing that travel writers lie, and then being sarcastic about these fantasies, they write about. I have also use the word sanitize; I use it to describe the explanations people have of West African countries.

I am not clear, these are all fuzzy, unclear thoughts, there is no crispness to my beliefs and feelings.

I see things in the Philippines, I think thoughts, I have opinions that I refuse to write about, I guess I sanitize or clean up my writing, I leave out the whole truths. I do not lie, however I omit, maybe it is dishonesty by omission. I do not lie, but I do omit.

For example, I do not want to make videos about street children, and I am positive I do not want to sit around explaining, editing and writing about this subject. Maybe it is because there is no way to do this without taking a moral stance, then in some cosmic, take over the planet attempt to be good. I think of the term ahimsa. First do no harm, I find I sanitize what I write about because it could cause harm.

If I point my finger, blame someone, this is easy, and stupid, I would be lying, I also to not want to help the liars by taking the photos or videos they need. I know people distort the truth to make money, and the NGOs are the champion of this tactic.

There is nobody to blame for street children, it is very difficult to blame anyone or some government for poverty. If I were going to blame someone, I would blame or say the poor person is responsible for himself or herself.

See, hard to even talk or write about this, without taking a moral or blame stance, blaming poor people for their plight will not help them, and moralizing that they are responsible for their destiny is not going to help either.

I am in this mess of thoughts; I suppose all this could be filed under the thoughts,
- If I can’t say something good, why say it at all? -
Or my daily goal
- Wake up and be a good boy. -
- Do the right thing. -

The first goal of a 12-step call, is for you not to get drunk.

Sanitizing My Travel Writing