Rodney Liwanag LAB Lightweight Adventure Backpack

Rodney Liwanag LAB Lightweight Adventure Backpack
Rodney makes custom backpacks or small runs of many small backpacks for people out of his home in Quezon City, Philippines. I visited Rodney Liwanag in Quezon City, Philippines, about a 200-300 Peso Taxi from Makati, Malate, Ermita, and Airport in the city of Manila.

Thank you Hoz for introduction to Rodney Liwanag,

Bangkok Thailand - Southeast Asia
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Tuesday, December 25, 2007
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This is Rodney Liwanag working on backpacks at his home ran, one-man business in Quezon, City. The chair where I sat to discuss backpacks, computer set up on table.

This is a more open or broad picture of his set of sewing machines.

I have concerns and trepidations when I write about a person, hotel, or any way good or bad explaining about a business or person. I have not purchased or finished a backpack from Rodney yet, as of now, I spent about 10 days talking and paying him to discuss my Chasing Windmills Backpack.

I have got my moneys worth, I am crystallizing in my mind, the exact bag, I do not even need to draw it, I know it, I can see it after many discussions of bags with Rodney. While explaining my dream bag, making long list, the vision becomes clearer.


Materials - Clips, Zippers, Clothes or Materials like Cordura

EQUALS a bag - If all are great, with no rush, walk slow, out will come a great bag.

There is knowledge of what we know, and what do not know, when I research or am designing a bag, I want to bring into my brain ideas and concepts I did not have before, I need to learn what is not possible to come out of my brain, to go where I have not been before.

Rodney I believe has the ability to take his extensive knowledge of backpacks and make a great bag.

Rodney does not have the raw materials, the Clips, Zippers, Sliders, Clothes or Materials like Cordura to make a great bag; he can make a great design. He does have average stuff around to use.

Not having great materials is a huge problem, I believe I must travel to all the countries that make specific products, for example, I may need to fly to Japan to find the YKK Slider that may work, or Korea to find the best materials. I think I need to adapt or invent some materials and commission companies to make.

The best option is that Rodney does the research, finds the materials and learns about the sources, it will teach him about what is NOT in his brain already.

I hope to bring together all the materials in one place about January 20, 2007 to make a good first sample with about 80 percent of products needed already sourced. Then proceed for 100 percent sourced materials.

The clock is ticking, the days are passing, and life goes on.

Do I recommend Rodney, Yes, I do believe if you have the materials, then he is highly capable of making a great bag. I think he listens, and implements ideas. I do not know how much he charges to make a backpack, maybe it is good, and maybe it is bad. I would say the price should always be about half or less than the price of a retail bag in the USA, and will cost about the same to ship to your country.

Time and urgency is difficult with low pay countries, the concept of speed is always a few days late, sometimes too late. There is no need to hurry or rush, however when it is too late, it is too late.

I am searching for the zipper slider, then will work my way towards the Spectra, Kevlar, or Cordura materials. Still need to make a decision as to what I need, I am learning towards Cordura, these other materials are just sales gimmicks. Making a bag that gives all the benefits that solves problems is the need.

Rodney Pages or sites explaining his: LAB Super Light
Lightweight Adventure Bag:

Thanks Rodney, and Hoz in USA. If anyone know more people on the planet who make custom backpacks, I am always searching for new people with ideas. Please click on contact and send telephone numbers and email address, Thanks Andy

Rodney Liwanag LAB Lightweight Adventure Backpack