Photo and Blogs of my Friends

Photo and Blogs of my Friends
The blog is a permanent record of events; it could be there for a lifetime of annoyances to your friends and family. When you no longer friends, the blog post will still be there. I would rather have my photo in the newspaper being a jerk, then on a blog.

Manila, Philippines - Quezon City Southeast Asia

Andy of ---

10 years of travel, maybe 12 years, I have continually published photos of people, places and things.

I have some regrets, many, and this is starting to accumulate in the back of my mind like a Monkey on my back. I will ask a personal friend if they want there picture taken, if not a good friend or acquaintance that I just do not worry. Everyone on the planet could be on front page of the paper tomorrow, so I figure we had better always take care what we do, or who we are.

A photo of a person being a jerk slows down people being a jerk. Therefore, I try to take photos of jerks. Photos of corruption, stops corruption.

I refuse to make a good person into a jerk; I do not take photos that can easily be misrepresented or portrayed as different from the real event.

I have had the experiences, I have people write me later and are angry, however I do not remove, if they do not like their reality, then change it. If I was taking a picture of a jerk, it was a jerk.

I for sure do not want to use Journalist as examples to follow; they would do anything and hurt anyone to make money. I have been musing as my friends talk about their girl friends on their blogs. It will be interesting in the future to hear how this plays out; there is a lot of very personal information going up, names, and places, on all these blogs.

Invasion or privacy is not the issue, I am trying to be a good man, I like to be polite, have good manners, be a person my friends and family say is a good guy. More than anything the man in the mirror has to have a good day and think well of him, however, I do not know blog manners, and this is still a nebulous subject.

What are good manners?

Photo and Blogs of my Friends

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